Sunday, March 27, 2011


I believe that this is a pet peeve that we can all agree on.  Sort of a universal peeve.  Does anyone enjoy being tailgated?  For that matter, I can't understand why anyone enjoys being the tailgater.  Isn't it annoying to have to constantly make sure that you are not going to actually touch bumpers with the car in front of you, repeatedly tapping the breaks, knowing that you are increasing your risk of an accident with every inch that you move closer?
My least favorite kind of tailgater is not the guy that is in an obvious break-neck hurry, pummeling past cars and getting in near accidents at every turn of the highway.  Don't get me wrong, this guy is no fun, but the guy that really bugs me is the one that isn't in a hurry, but is, in fact, just leisurely tailgating you.  It's tailgating as a life style choice, as opposed to tailgating as a means to moving faster.  You switch lanes, thinking that leisurely tailgater guy wants to get past you, but he doesn't pass you.  He simply latches onto someone else's bumper or maybe, if your lucky, he pastes himself back onto your tail.  I wish that I could convey to people that my backseat is really not that comfortable, then perhaps they wouldn't want to park their car in it.

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