Thursday, March 17, 2011

Drawing the Curtains

*Peeve Four in the Trials of Travel Week

One thing that I am peevamently passionate about when traveling by plane is the window coverings.  First off, let me say that it is imperative and nonnegotiable that I have a window seat.  In order to feel mentally and physically stable at 10,000 feet, I need to sit next to the window.  The ability to see out of said window is the key to my being able to travel.
As the proprietor of the window seat, I believe that I am accorded the privilege of drapery patrol.  That sash is staying up.  Period.  And although it has happened that somehow I end up in the middle or the aisle and have been subjected to that guy that pulls the shades down, I have swallowed my bile and sweated out the trip, craning my neck to see out of some other passenger's porthole.  Because, as I said, it is their privilege to control the shade.
Please don't ask me to close the blind.  (Trust me, it happens all the time)  This time, it was "there is a glare on the movie."  Well, I guess you should have thought about that before you requested an aisle and then ordered the headphones.  Last time it was "my eyes are sensitive to the light."  Okay, you really should have made sure you got the window seat and, may I suggest sunglasses? 
Maybe you like the aisle for the extra leg room.  Great for you.  Go ahead and stretch out, just don't expect to be stretching across and closing my window blind.

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