Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Asparagus Pee

This is a pet peeve for Mother Nature, because there is nothing to be done or said about this one.  You intake the delicate, innocent shoots of newly grown asparagus and you output the scent of a thousand times rotted vegetables that have been bathing in pool of acidic eggs for a week.  How does this transformation happen?  And why must I be subjected to an urge to jump promptly off of the offending toilet almost immediately after eating this little plant?
Asparagus urine can be embarrassing, in addition to personally offending.  What if you're at a public restroom?  You worry that the person in the next stall, or heaven forbid, the person that comes in after you will wonder what the putrid smell is and what you did to produce it.
I would, however, like to inform you of one small light shining at the end of this vegetative tunnel.  My husband recently did a bit a bit of research in this arena (yes, it's true), and found out that only 30% of people actually have the capability to smell asparagus pee.  We all create it, but only an elite few can smell it.  How crazy is that?!  So, if you are of that other 70%, you have absolutely no idea what I have been talking about.  And, if you are in the olfactory 30%, you need only worry about offending a minority of the population.

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