Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Naturally Thin" Starlets

I'll make this quick, because it may be getting a bit persnickety on the peeve front.  But...have you ever noticed the extremely high number of who's-who types that claim to eat whatever they want and do nothing and yet they have the taut and toned body of an Olympian-yogi-preteen hybrid?  The ratio of flexed stars who act as though they simply sit around nibbling on Popeye's biscuits while watching the boob-tube is just not statistically possible.
Why can't famous people just say that they don't eat everything that they want to and that they exercise more than most Americans?  I think that their fans may actually like them more if they just let it rip.  I don't believe that Kate Winslet eats fish and chips all the time like she claims and that she just dropped massive lbs by deciding on a more positive body image.  I am not falling for the person that makes that face in interviews like "sorry!  I really don't do anything!" (fake apologizing) while their biceps outline is so clearly defined. 

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