Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Hierarchy of Plane Travel

*Peeve Three in the Trials of Travel Week

Something that really peeves me when I am traveling by plane are the levels of elite accorded to passengers.  If you are just the average peon, who has bought the average $400.00 or so ticket, you are treated as such a lower life form as to often not even be assigned a seat.  No, you are so unimportant that the airline doesn't even feel that they can commit to marking off a seat for your $400.00.  You'll get that assigned to you when you arrive at the airport.  (By a crusty worker that will put you in the middle seat between a guy with bad breath and an obese woman that is occupying her seat, the hand rest, and a portion of your seat.)  Perhaps I would like to be able to withhold my money until I get a seat.
When you are ready to board the plane, you might notice that there is actually a red carpet rolled out in one section before the attendant.  ( a la Oscars style)  Please note that you are not allowed to tread on this rug.  It is for the gold medallion, silver pant, platinum bearing customers only.  Do you really have to demean me like this?  You have already withheld a seat from me for over two months.  You made me pay extra just to bring my clothes and toothbrush with me.  I had to take my shoes off and undo my belt just to enter this portion of the building.  You're going to herd me into a small and uncomfortable area like a head of cattle.  Then you plan to serve me half of a can of warm coke with a single ice cube in it, withholding all food unless I give you more money.  Isn't it enough?  Do you really have to tell me that I can't walk down the maroon colored carpeting that you have rolled out?

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