Thursday, March 24, 2011

Inappropriate Childwear

My peeve-o-meter begins to twitch when I see adults in those ridiculous t-shirts that say stupid stuff that often borders or dives right into the vulgar.  For example:  "I'm With Stupid," "I Apologize in Advance for Staring at Your Tits," I could go on, but I think you get the point - and, yes, these are real t-shirts that I have witnessed).
The inappropriate children's t-shirts that continue on this same vein push my peeve-o-meter into overdrive.  Adults have the choice to be an idiot.  But by putting your child in these t-shirts, you pigeon hole them into the role of idiot - and I believe that this role could end up being the one they will play for life.
What do you think a teacher thinks when you send your child to school in a "I Didn't Do It" shirt, "Little Devil," or "Don't Blame Me!"  Let me just tell you, it doesn't say 'Model Student.'  It also doesn't say 'These parents are really hoping for the best for their child.'  It's sort of like buying your child a ticket to the slow lane.  Yeah, get out there and be a loser! 
Why not take it to the next level?  A couple of my personal favorite children's t-shirts that have arrived at school on the backs of first graders:  "If You See the Police...Warn a Brother" (accompanying the Warner Brothers logo) or the simple glory of "Bull Shirt." 
These are all real gems.  Might I suggest the old solid color, blank t-shirt?  Perhaps the child them self could just do the talking, rather than the shirt.  Or maybe you could get them a shirt with a college logo and give them something new to strive for.

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Kristi Bernard said...

I agree!!! Amen to that get those kids a college logo and set them on the right path.