Sunday, March 20, 2011

Not Keeping Promises

Does anyone register a peeve when someone (I won't mention any names) says that they will post one pet peeve everyday and then misses two days? 
I was on an exotic out-of-the-country excursion and didn't have access to a computer.  (OK, I was in a hotel in Canada with all electronic amenities, but...)  I need a little flexibility.

I do have a couple more travel pet peeves to share before the week is over! 
First, does no one understand that if everyone were to step back about five paces from the baggage claim belt, that one and all would be able to step forward and claim their luggage when it was spotted?  Why do people insist on standing with their toes touching the baggage claim, creating a tight picket fence which allows no one to reach in for their bag, let alone see it coming out?  Give those Samsonites a little breathing room!
Second, if I have to take off my shoes, my scarf, my belt, my watch, and my jacket at security, can I please be left with a shred of my dignity and my cardigan?  Do we really consider a thin cotton sweater a "jacket"?  No, sir, not in this metal detector.  I am often wearing a undershirt underneath of the sort that I wouldn't walk around my house in.  I hardly want to flash it to the traveling public.
Lastly, shut it.  Sometimes people just aren't in the mood to talk to you on a plane.  period.

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