Friday, March 11, 2011

Stainless Steel Appliances

Do you ever watch those home shows like House Hunters and get irritated by the continuous whining of "I don't know about this house - it doesn't have stainless steel appliances..."?  Or the raptures over "Oh, the kitchen is wonderful!  It has the stainless steel appliances I was looking for."  When did Frigidaire die and make the stainless appliance the only possible choice for the kitchen? 
Am I the only person in America that has noticed that these appliances are not necessarily "high end" or posh?  They are often ridiculously chinsy.  In fact, what I like to call the usual "stainless steel appliance" is, in fact, a black appliance with a couple of strips of stainlessness.  A truly stainless appliance is in a budget unattained by most people.  So why is this black appliance with touch o' stainless the status symbol of so many?
I have no desire for black appliances, so I say embrace the possibilities!  Heaven forbid, you might just find yourself equally awesome with a white refrigerator.

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