Friday, March 25, 2011

Identifying the Funny

Man, it peeves me when people say, "You are so funny."  I know that sounds lame, actually lamer than I thought now that it is in writing, but it irks me when someone says or does something funny and those around them respond by stating "You're so funny."  It just seems like an oxymoron or a double negative or a double entendre or whatever you would call that.  If something is funny, isn't the most appropriate response laughter?  I never understand if these people stating the obvious have a limited ability to laugh and, so, need to fill in the missing chuckles with words, or if they actually feel it's a necessary component and response to a joke or funny moment.  I find that stating that someone is funny in the middle of a time normally occupied by laughter creates a certain awkwardness, almost like there is an expectation for more, now that the personality of said person has been defined as the funny guy.  I might even go so far as to label this moment as a buzz kill.
Go ahead and tell your friend Bob, "Hey that guy Joe is really funny."  Or the single guy at your office, "I should set you up with Sue, she's really funny."  But, for the sake of the moment, just laugh when someone says something funny - don't be that guy that throws the old "You are so funny" wet blanket on it. 

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