Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Women that don't like other women

Never trust a woman without female friends.  This is a motto that I just might make into a bumper sticker.  (kidding of course, as bumper stickers was Saturday's peeve)  But, seriously, there is something wrong with the girl that doesn't have girlfriends.  It's like a worm that doesn't like dirt or a monkey that doesn't like bananas - it's just not natural. 
One of the classic lines from this type of woman is, "I just get along better with guys", or "all my friends are guys."  Really?  Really?  Men are all fine and good, but come on.  You really want them to be your only home fries?  It's just not right. 
This girl will often have a girlfriend or two, but please note that she rarely keeps one longer than a few months.  She is prone to getting in fights with her female friends and friend hopping from girl to girl.  Please save the drama for your mama.
Perhaps I am not adequately expressing this pet peeve - I realize that.  However, in my defense, the woman who doesn't like women is such a mystery to me that it is like me trying to detail the steps of a brain surgery.     

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