Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pajamas on the Streets

There seems to be a phenomenon that is becoming more and more socially acceptable - bedroom attire as out-of-the-house fashion.  I am referring to those gallivanting about while sporting PJs as if it were not only appropriate, but down right good looking. 
When did it become okay to fly from Denver to DC in a well worn plaid flannel pajama pant and a pair of over sized fuzzy slippers?  TSA might start getting better ratings if it were doing full body scans to detect nightwear in the terminal - and promptly escorting those perpetrators off of the premises.  And who gave the okay for the pilly pair of sweatpants with a large word splayed across the rear end to head out to the mall?  Ladies, no one wants to know that that area is "PINK", trust me - that is one secret that we would all like for Victoria to keep.
Also, this oh-so-casual look is fooling no one into thinking that you just rolled out of bed and hit the streets.  The full face of make-up, including cakey mascara, indicates that you have given time and consideration to your public pajama party.  Which actually makes it even worse.
I am an advocate of comfort, but please do the world the courtesy of checking to make sure your shoes have traction on the bottom and an absence of two inch pink fuzz-fur and that your pants were not purchased in the intimates department before you step out of your front door.

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