Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Angelina Jolie

I know that I shouldn't have a person as a pet-peeve.  It goes against the very definition of a pet peeve.  It isn't right.  I understand that, but isn't everyone entitled to that one celebrity that really bugs them?  I say yes.  And for me, that celebrity is Angelina Jolie.  
I know that she's a philanthropist.  Mother to the world.  Laura Croft, Tombraider.  World record holder in lip weight.  I get it, but she just bugs me.
And in this one instance I reserve the right to not even detail why she bugs me.  But I will say this - Anyone else would never have been praised attending the Golden Globes in that hideous 70's yardage of emerald green topped off with that split-ended Crystal Gayle gone wrong hair.  Perfect wrapping for a pet peeve. 

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