Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Snotty High-End Retail Worker

Do you know the person of this peeve?  I don't do much high brow shopping, but I have encountered this employee on more than one occasion when I have strayed beyond the borders of my usual, Gapesque-level haunts.  Picture this:  you walk into a store, pleasantly browsing, and notice that you were never greeted by a salesperson.  Well, maybe they were engaged elsewhere.  But, no, there is said salesperson and she has her nose up, a bit of a crusty aimed in your direction... 

To this, I would like to say - Seriously, lady, you make what, like $9.50 an hour?  Even I make more than that.  In fact, compared to you, I am a high roller.  So, how about some service?

Just to up this pet peeve, I'd like to put forward my favorite type of snotty retailer.  It's the person working at the outlet mall.  What?!  You are seriously pulling a Blair Warner (a la Facts of Life) due to the fact that you work at the Ralph Lauren outlet?!  Please go on with your bad, discount self.  This person doesn't really need a speech, as they are already receiving their punishment by having to work with the tumbleweeds off of a desolate stretch of highway, having only old pretzels off the warmer of the minimally trafficked Der Pretzel Haus to eat, and having to deal with every coupon clutching deal hog that comes through the door toting a screaming child behind who has been forced to go to the outlet mall.  And yet, I have no sympathy for you, snotty retail worker. 

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Kristi Bernard said...

This post is exactly the reason I don't shop at Barnes & Nobles.