Monday, February 14, 2011


In an ode to Valentine's Day, I would like to write about a single word that can peeve me out on any day.  The word is "sexy."  It just gives me the heeby-jeeby's. 
The main reason that this word registers as a pet peeve is over usage.  By definition, sexy means "Arousing or tending to arouse sexual desire or interest."  So, we can surmise, it has to do with sex.  Knowing this - how, I ask you, can it be applied as a description of paint (see this month's cover of House Beautiful), food (see goat cheesed stuffed figs in Food and Wine), cars (Cadillac uses this one), or a Valentine's Day bouquet (as a floral shop employee, I can promise you that people actually ask for this). 
Is there anyone that gets ready for lovin' by checking out paint samples?  getting a whiff of someones goat cheese breath after a stuffed fig?  putting the old Cadillac Cimarron into gear?  
And can someone please define for me what a "sexy" flower arrangement is (as opposed to the unsexy ones I'm used to whipping out?)  "Sexy" has been permanently tainted by over usage for me.  I find it the verbal equivalent of granny panties. 

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