Sunday, February 6, 2011

Football Jerseys (a nod to the Super Bowl)

What a winning look - a real touchdown.  The jersey.  It goes with everything.  I mean, players might wear it with cleats and a helmet, but it works equally well with wranglers or sweats. 
You just have to love the sports jersey.  You're at the grocery store on a Sunday afternoon and, woah, there's Payton Manning in the chips isle.  Holy crud, the game starts in fifteen minutes - it looks like Peyton is going to miss the opening kick!  I guess he must be on the injured list.  Well, yeah, that makes sense.  He does look like he's put a little weight on... Oh, wait, that's not Peyton Manning - it's just a  couch potato from your neighborhood!  How crazy. 
This possibility of mistaken identity is one reason against wearing the jersey.  What about a personalized jersey, you say?  No.  That doesn't really solve the problem.  Because you still have some jerk at the grocery store in a jersey, people.  It's made of synthetic mesh - this is likely for breathability on the field, but it just adds to its impracticality on the streets.  Unless, of course, you're going for that sassy no-shirt-underneath look.  Watch out, ladies. 
Jerseys also seem to be almost always found in the range of XL to XXXL.  Practical for the rippling muscles of an NFL player and equally practical for the rolly pollies of a couch potato.  So maybe there is an argument for the jersey, but I just don't think that I can be convinced.
I can't get down with this portion of the NFL uniform being worn by a guy whose only work at a "super bowl" will be on a bowl of seven layer dip.

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