Sunday, February 20, 2011

BO as Coolness

Body Odor is something that most of us take measures to prevent, eliminate, avoid, etc.  Modern science has assisted with this process through the invention of such products as anti-perspirant, deodorant, and good old soap. 
There are those, however, that seem to relish and glory in the scent of their BO.  It is no accident when that guy jamming in the drum circle (please note - separate pet peeve) smells like a ripe, cumin-filled burrito.  It is his badge of coolness.  Somehow, somewhere the notion was developed that BO is part of the cool-guy, "no worries" (see January 24th), sweet jams, micro-brewed persona.
Why is this misconception been allowed to continue?  And why, for the Lord's own sake, do women continue to consort with men that smell like this?  Are you really buying into the idea that his body odor makes him cooler?  Contraire, mon fraire. 
Cool guy - clean it up.  No one wants to smell spice that old.  And chick that insists on hooking up with this guy - Wake up and smell the rancid onions.  There are other fish in the sea (that don't smell like a sardine.)


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ca me rend fou...enivrante :)