Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Pinch

This pet peeve is going retro.  A flashback to a childhood peeve that recently, unexpectedly, reared its ugly head again.  I'm talking about the pinch.  The nitty, gritty, use all of your finger strength and maybe even a bit of your nail kind of pinch.  Do you remember being subjected to any of these in the innocence of your youth?  The pinch can give the wedgie, the flick, and the famous "Indian" burn a run for their money.
And trust me, I would know.  I had a close childhood friendship with a young lady that actually had a pinch named after her.  And she was not afraid to use it.  The most amazing thing about this pinch was that such small digits could actually exert that much force onto another human body with so little effort.  The results, which often included the drawing of blood, should have left the likes of Andre the Giant needing to take a seat.  But no, she was just onto the next thing as if nothing had happened.  Anyone else who ever experienced this pinch will recognize it as the famous (in some circles) Kaija Pinch.
But I digress.  I do have a reason for dredging up all of this ancient peevory.  This week, as I sat with a group of six and seven year old students, while one claimed my attention, another one reached over and pinched me.  Yes, the old thumb and forefinger squeeze right on  my very adult hand.  And then the realization that I despise the pinch came rushing back to me.  And I made it known.  The inappropriateness of the pinch, under any circumstance, was discussed (amongst other things) and the tears flowed.  Not mine, mind you, but they were right on the cusp. 

Side Note - shout out to Kaija, whose friendship I continued to cherish through all of the Kaija pinches...  

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