Sunday, April 24, 2011

The e-mail request

Am I the only person that is not down with having to give my e-mail address to the sales person whenever I want to buy a pair of socks at the mall?  I'm already giving you my money, my zip code, my signature, my time, and who knows what else - do I really have to spell out my 60 letter long e-mail address for you and the ten other people waiting in line?
Perhaps you think that I am splitting peeve hairs on this one, so let me lay out for you the experience that really brought this peeve to a head.  A couple of days ago, I made a purchase at an unnamed store where the clerk asked me for my e-mail address as I made my purchase.  I gave my usual response, which is "No Thank you."  The salesperson responded OK, finished the transaction, and I was on my way.  To the Gap, to be exact.  There I purchased two sweaters (on clearance, might I add.)  When paying, I was once again asked for my e-mail.  I gave my standard "No Thank you."  This time, however, I received the "Oh, I feel sorry for you, because you're so lame and you don't get it" look from the guy.  
His reason for the look?  Well, he told me that he would really appreciate if I gave it to him because the store is trying to e-mail receipts in order to "go green."  OH, I tell him, No problem - I don't even need a receipt.  Forget the e-mail address, just don't print my receipt and I will be on my way.  He looked at me as if I had grown a hanger out of my forehead.  No, he still needs the e-mail.  I succumb and spell it out.  Twice (because of course he messes it up.)
I know that this is a short story getting way too long, but do you know what he did after I gave him my e-mail address?  (All the while hurting his face with a syrup-infused fake smile.)  He handed me a two foot long receipt!  What the what?  Going green?  Going jerk is more like it. 
I'm done with the e-mail request.


Mary said...

Hahahahahahaaaaaaa...going green.

Anonymous said...


better suited for a fictional world said...

last time that happened i just offered to take my business to a place that didn't want to spam me.