Friday, April 1, 2011

Selling Parties

I hope that I don't offend anyone with this one, but in order to be true to my own peevishness, I have to put it out there. 
The house party made to sell.  We've all been invited.  Perhaps some of us have even hosted.  (Yes, I have)  But, lets face it - Does anyone receive the invitation to the bead jewelry, lotion, make-up, housewares, kitchen supplies, silver jewelry, you-fill-in-the-blank party and shout out a "Great!  I can't wait!"?  No.  Everyone feels obliged to go.  Maybe a good friend is hosting the event or perhaps you know the seller well and feel the need to give them a good showing, but the bottom line is that you will have to buy something.
And let me be clear about the obligation to buy something, because this actually categorizes its own pet peeve.  You have to buy something.  If you don't, then don't go to the party.  No one is inviting you, providing you with a few bites off of the cheese plate and a bad glass of Chardonnay so that you can leave empty handed.  Even if you end up ordering the nail file for your mother-in-law, you have to make a purchase.  Or you, in fact, become the pet peeve.  Forget the annoyingness of the actual forced shopping event, you have surpassed the party itself as the bigger peeve.
I can recall nearly every item that I have had bought at in-house shopping parties.  Why?  Because I didn't really want any of them and they are usually - no, I am not going to soften it up - they are always overpriced.  Mud masks, foot lotions, bracelets, earrings, cookbooks, lip gloss, the list goes on... 
I'm not sure what the point of me peeving about this is, as I know the parties will continue as long as there remain extroverts with an entrepreneurial spirit and friends willing to force sales upon their unsuspecting associates, but I can still dream that one day the only invitations that I will receive will be parties with no purchase obligations.

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