Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Holding Onto It

Why do so many men feel the irrepressible need to try fruitlessly to hold onto their shredletts of hair when that ship has sailed so long ago?  Holding on can take many forms - hair plugs (the resodding approach that nearly never looks natural), toupees (no comment needed), chemicals, sprays and other, and, of course, the old standby, which uses largely only the dwindling natural resources available on your own scalp - the comb over.  I am not hear to say which method of holding on is the most peevable, but only that they are all wrong. 
Embrace it.  Don't fight it.  When you're losing it, the best bet is to go close to the cranium, making the divide between land (your hair) and sea (your baldness) less evident and less precarious.  All of the other above listed techniques just serve to underline and highlight the fact that you are going bald.  No one notices the guy with the super short hair and the receding five head, but everybody notices the guy that can't get into the water because it would mess up his camouflage for baldness.     

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