Sunday, April 10, 2011


One pet peeve every day of the year?!  That was one sassy headline to write on a blog, exceptionally sassy now that I have gone three days without entering any peeves.  The problem is...(this is where I should have some really good excuse like "I slept on my hands and they have been asleep for three days and I was unable to get rid of that pins and needles feeling, causing me to be unable to type" - however I have just been leading my normal good excuses).
Perhaps I am just lazy at my core.  I am sure that more than one person would agree to this.  Or maybe I set the bar too high - I mean being responsible for writing a pet peeve every day?  It's sort of like in the fourth grade when we were allowed to choose an instrument to play at school.  I chose the saxophone.  Really?  Who chooses the saxophone?  Bad idea - I stunk.  Bad.  My mom used to ask me to practice outside so that the household wouldn't have to hear the full glory of my dying cow sound.  Should've chosen the triangle.
My point is...I do have 365 pet peeves.  Probably more.  But I am calling out the right to post them a touch more sporadically.  Will I still shoot for one peeve everyday?  Yes.  I just might fall a little short on occasion. 
And this is why, today, my pet peeve is myself.

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