Wednesday, April 13, 2011


My mother, a very wise woman, just put this peeve out there for my consideration.  And I am jumping right on board.  Her point - If you are young, never underestimate the value of leaving a bit to the imagination.  If you are old, not only do most people not want to imagine it, but nearly everyone (outside of a few people with an off fetish) would prefer not to see it.  To quote me mom, "Perhaps when you reach a certain age, a nice smile is your best asset."  Word.
What exactly tips the decision of breast exposure in the direction of cleavage?  Is there actually a conscious thought, "Yeah, that's what I want people looking at."?  Does that happen?  Because I just can't imagine that.  And often their not even stacked up and pushed out there, but rather laying there like a couple of old jellyfish with a v-neck that gives a bad name to the alphabet just gaping open.  What is the appeal?  And for whom?
I think that the bottom line is that cleavage is just in bad taste, almost always.  (There may be occasional exceptions for people like Halle Berry at an awards ceremony, but don't even think about in your low-cut tank top and chest wrinkles at Wal Mart on a Sunday afternoon.)  Wrap those babies up.  If you leave the people guessing, they might just want to know more... 

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HeidiMCF said...

Too funny! That sounds just like my mom!