Sunday, January 30, 2011

Movies as an Intellectual Stimulant

There have been times in my life that I have been laughed at.  Ridiculed.  I have stood tall at these moments, because I believe that it is okay to want to go see romantic comedies, blockbusters, and other entertainment-driven movies with predictable endings.  They call it the entertainment industry for a reason.  It is not called the philosophy industry. 
It has happened more than once that people have said to me, "You're seriously going to see that movie?  Oh, God..."  These are the same people that like to call movies "films" and detest any "film" that doesn't give rise to deep thoughts and disturbing flashbacks in the weeks to come.  They want their intellect not only tickled at the movies, but massaged to the point of confusion.  Secretly, they may also be the people that actually are confused by the movies they see, but they heard that some cerebral critic said that it was an "important film", so they have to act like it's the best movie they've ever seen.
Of course I do stray into the range of a "thought provoker" when I am in the mood, but my point is that there is nothing wrong with being entertained at the movies.  I have my own life that has sad parts, mundane parts, and problems - why do I have to pay to go watch someone else's?  These are actors, most of the stories are made up - so let it be make-believe.  Believe it or not, I want to see two good looking people fall in love in an unrealistically quirky environment where they get to wear Prada and not go to work.

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Kristi Bernard said...

I love this post. I am in total agreement. I go to the movies to see what I want to see and not what the critics think. In my opinion they are never right.